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Women walking down street with arms linked


With Reference® challenges you to think, lead, motivate and care for one another in a broken yet beautiful world. Just maybe then, someone will find their voice and inspire someone else just by wearing one of our statement garments. 

From the beginning of time clothes have had a practical application and have gradually become more stylised. The history of clothes/fashion is hugely captivating and influenced by the many changes in society.


Fast forward to the 21st Century and our clothes can make a statement about who we are or want to be.

Starting 'With Reference®' appeared to come out of the blue although the seeds had already been planted. Things began falling into place organically which still amazes us!

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Our Faith is the cornerstone of With Reference® and central to our vision and ideas.


We( Ed & Bree) are not afraid to give a big shout out to kindness or patience in an increasingly aggressive and demanding world. Equally, we can be bold as brass, as challenging as calculus or as comforting as a couch!


With Reference® pays homage to what we believe in – seeking to uphold values such as integrity, compassion, humility and unity that have become unfashionable in modern times.

Rowing boats on the River Thames London

However, it was heartening to see the re-emergence of these values during the pandemic but, as things returned to the new ‘normal’ we returned to old habits.


With Reference® is a family business that wants to change that in our own small way.

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