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Premier League: Last Day Lessons

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

1. Down but not out - Showing champion spirit Manchester City rallied to come back from a two goal deficit.

2. Winners don’t always come first - That's true of Liverpool FC who only just missed out on the title. A blow for sure. However, they’d already won the FA Cup, the EFL Cup and are now in the Champions League final!

3. Overcoming low expectations - Leeds United are prime examples of turning the tables when it was widely touted that they would be relegated.

4. Sometimes change is good, but when? - Previously, Leeds United and Burnley FC made changes to their head coach/manager. Jesse Marsch leads Leeds to survival but Sean Dyche got fired by the now relegated Burn-ley.

5. Learn from losing - It’s tough losing, but, taking the time to learn the lessons can positively impact future performance.

6. How the mighty have fallen - Step forward (the once mighty) Manchester United. Another prime example that there's no guarantee that anyone or anything will stay at the top forever.

7.Social connections through sport - Never underestimate the links that are made through football. Manchester City fans the world over are celebrating their premiership title win - on social media!

8. Teamwork - Greatness is achieved when people work together unselfishly.

9. Forgiveness - Forgive those who let you down. I'm still working on forgiving Arsenal!

10.Withrawal Symptoms - If you can’t wait until the new season why not consider getting in to tennis, formula one or basketball. However, I have to admit that football's in a class of its own! Well, sort of...

What do you think?

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