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Spring Clean

Updated: May 19, 2022

Photo by Arno Smit

10 healthy habits/tips:

· Spiritual health – find purpose and meaning in life, appreciate and connect with others and with yourself. For instance, have you tried meditation? There are quite a few good apps around to suit all tastes and temperaments! My preference is biblical meditation.

· Be intentional about growing your latitude of gratitude!

· Banish negativity from mind, house and home.

· Do something good for someone else. If you tend to be a giver, do something nice for yourself!

· If you live in the city, get out into nature. If you live in the countryside, take a trip to the city. Change is good for the soul.

· Take up a hobby/learn a new skill. Doesn’t have to cost anything.

· Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

· Keep moving! Walk regularly.

· Start or join a conversational group.

· Finally, it’s never too late for a traditional spring clean!

#springcleaning #makeachange #stayhealthy

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